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User infoHarsha S Basarikodi
09.Jan.13 17:10
C++ Builder XE3:--After build getting the linker error" [ilink32 Error] Fatal: Unable to open file 'TYPES.OBJ'"

We are having curently C++ Builder 2010 project.
The Build is working correctly with Aakus3.9version.

I got installed the latest trial version of C++ Builder XE3.And got installed trial version of Abakus (version 4) which supports XE3.
When I run the Project i get the linker error at the end.
"[ilink32 Error] Fatal: Unable to open file 'TYPES.OBJ'"
Please let me know what may be the reason for the linker error.

I made test by creating a blank label of C++ Build XE3 project.This build correctly with out errors.

User infoadmin
11.Jan.13 10:37
is it possible to send us the project with all sources so that we can check it?

User infoHarsha S Basarikodi
16.Jan.13 12:01
It is not possible to send the source code.
Please let me know how to confirm is it due to Abakus related issue?

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