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_GClass Namespace
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This file contains Abakus VCL general used Methods/classes.

Basic class derived from TPersistent extended with a change event. 
Class to adjust an offset to a calculated default position/size. 
Stores settings of a bevel. 
Stores settings for a line. 
General class to store scale settings. 
Class for scale settings 
Class for scale settings of a scale with variable scaling. 
Class to store settings for a text. 
Properties and methods to draw a value indicator. 
Settings for access to ini-files. 
Base class for Abakus indicators without windows handle 
Base class for Abakus controls with windows handle 
Speed-Button with Auto-repeat 
Component to Edit/adjust a Value with Spin Button 
Arrow settings of analog indicators 
Base class for LED-settings 
Button bevel class


Stores settings for Gradients 
Class to store Bevel settings


Class with settings for scale sectors 
Settings for Bar-indications 
Class with settings of an analog signal


Class to store Min and Max Values of a signal 
Class with settings for one signal channel 
Base class for analog indicators 
Base class for Analog Value adjust components with keyboard support. 
Base class for binary indicators 
Class with settings for a scale


Structs, Records, Enums
Struct, Record, Enum 
Automatic or manual adjustment of an angle. 
Options for automatically created hints. 
Set of allowed keys. 
Style of the bar indicator. 
Vertical or horizontal direction of the bar indicator. 
Options for Bar indicators. 
Type to adjust a position e.g.: position of an indicator label 
Type to adjust a vertical position e.g. horizontal position of a button label 
Type to adjust a vertical position e.g. vertical position of a button label 
Type to select inner-/outer line of a bevel 
Mode of the component. Used to change the reaction to a mouse click. 
The dial pointer shape. 
TOverflowEvent occurs when the value exceeds the nominal range. 
TLimitEvent occurs when the value exceeds the upper or lower limit. 
TLimitEvent occurs when the value enter or leave a sector. 
Options for automatically created hints. 
Set of allowed keys. 
Options for Bar indicators. 
Event which occurs when a components need to read or write settings from/to an ini file 
Number of glyphs to represent different states of the button 
TAbBinGraphicControl update of a Group 
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