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TAbNumEdit Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by TAbNumEdit.

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Specifies how the control is anchored to its parent. 
Determines whether all the text in the edit control is automatically selected when the control gets focus. 
Determines whether the height of the edit control automatically resizes to accommodate the text. 
Default background color of the edit field. 
Background color of the edit field while "valid" editing. 
Background color if you enter an invalid char or value. 
Specifies the size constraints for the control. 
Determines whether a control has a three-dimensional (3-D) or two-dimensional look. 
Number of digits for the boolean Value.
Valid inputs : 0..31 If "0" then no leading "0" are shown. 
Number of digits for the hexadecimal Value.
Valid inputs : 0..8 If "0" then no leading "0" are shown. 
Indicates the image used to represent the mouse pointer when the control is being dragged. 
Determines how the control initiates drag-and-drop or drag-and-dock operations. 
Base for the number edit component. 
Enables Edit mode. 
Controls whether the control responds to mouse, keyboard, and timer events. 
Controls the attributes of text written on or in the control. 
Formats a floating point value. 
Specifies the amount the Position value changes each time the up or down button is pressed. 
Specifies the maximum number of characters the user can enter into the edit control. A value of 0 indicates that there is no application-defined limit on the length. 
User defined upper value limit. 
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